Mission Control: Electric Panel Upgrades & Swaps

Your panel is the heart of your entire system and is the starting point of most electrical repairs. Most of us don’t think about the panel and the circuit breakers until something goes wrong.  That usually means a breaker—or breakers—have begun to flip frequently, causing temporary power outages until it can be reset.

If this sounds familiar to you, it could be time to upgrade or swap out your main breaker panel with a new one. Keep in mind that breakers shut off electricity to a zone in the house because the flow of current is reaching unsafe levels. If you are making trips to the breaker box with any regularity, it’s a good idea to consult a professional technician.

Choose Magic Valley Electric for Your Electric Panel Needs

Even if you know where the breaker box is located, that doesn’t mean you should mess with it. In fact, for jobs that go beyond flipping a breaker, it’s best to consult a certified electrician. Our services for panels and breakers in your Idaho home include:

New Installs

If you need to install a brand new electrical panel to replace the aging, out-of-date system in an old home or to get all set up at your brand new home, our technicians have all of the tools and skills necessary to see our project through to completion.

Panel Upgrades

Sometimes in older homes, you will find that the electrical was only designed to handle 30-60 amps of power for the entire house. With numerous advances in technology leading to an increase in the number of electrical devices per household, a typical home requires a 100-200 amp panel. If you are looking to upgrade your panel for increased safety and efficiency within your household electrical system, Magic Valley Electric can help.

Surge Protection

Instead of relying on power strips to protect your electronic devices from surges, why not start at the source? Whole house surge protective devices are installed in your circuit breaker box, giving you peace of mind that your electronics are safe from spikes in the electrical current at all times.

Breaker Installs and Repairs

If your circuit breaker experiences a severe crash and can not reset, it might need to be replaced or repaired. Our expert electricians can take a look and recommend the best course of action for your home.

Home Safety Check

If you are uncertain about the status of the electrical system in your home, one of our licensed Magic Valley electricians can inspect it for safety and efficiency. Keeping our customers safe is our top priority and greatest pleasure.

If your home’s breaker box is outmatched by the electrical demands of your home and desperately needs an upgrade or change-out, you can trust our certified team of technicians at Magic Valley Electric to return your home to full power. Give our team a call today. Our courteous and prompt technicians can visit to assess your needs, outline the options and make repairs, if necessary.

When you need a skilled electrician in Southern Idaho, call the experienced professionals at Magic Valley Electric.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This was seamless. I put in the request, it was arranged, they were here on time and within an hr. we had our outlet. Really appreciate how easy this project was from start to finish.” – Janet C.

“They were very knowledgeable and friendly. We have several projects coming up and we will rehire them for those projects.“ – Rod D.

“The electricians knew what they were talking about and answered all our questions. The job turned out great! These guys were professional and organized!” - Jim L.


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